Anti-UFW posters cause a stir in Central Valley

Across the Central Valley, people are talking about Pick Justice’s posters warning that the UFW damages the jobs of its own dues-paying members, while wasting their hard-earned money on lawsuits and legal judgments.

Our posters, in Spanish, appeared over the past week at roadsides, farms, convenience stores, and gas stations.

“Farmworkers of the UFW lose their jobs!” the poster reads in Spanish. “Farmworkers under UFW contract will pay millions for the UFW’s labor violations.”

Our posters are seemingly on every roadside.

There’s even a code that links to the Los Angeles Times article describing the staggeringly huge court judgment against UFW for abusing its own employees who had wanted to form a workers’ union.

“The UFW was ordered to pay about $2 million for not paying its employees,” the poster says. “More alarming is that a judge ordered that the farmworkers’ dues be garnished to pay for these labor law violations.”

Our poster warns that UFW harassment and political action are forcing farms to downsize or close, meaning that UFW members are actually paying dues that destroy their own livelihoods.

“The history of closures in companies with UFW contracts continue,” the poster says, showing a cemetery with the names of closed farms. “It’s under stable that 99% of farmworkers in California don’t want a UFW contract!”

The poster directs people to the Spanish-lange URL of our site,

Farmworkers in San Joaquin Valley, while on a beer run, can find our posters.