Did Lorena Gonzalez Vote Against Farm Workers?

Last month, Pick Justice Action launched a six-figure ad buy targeting Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez across TVradio, print and digital advertising, to highlight what they deem as her anti-farm worker record. This may come as a surprise to some who see Gonzalez as a key pro-worker legislator in the state. She’s even garnering some national headlines to the same effect. But as Pick Justice Action points out, once you look at her record, her pristine pro-worker image gets blurry. 

Sunday Morning Newsmakers

Jesse Rojas sets the record straight on Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher's anti-worker record. 

Op-Ed: The truth? Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher betrays farmworkers, but not when in the limelight

In interviews and on social media, Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher expresses great concern for farmworkers, but in typical Sacramento fashion, the legislator partnered with union bosses to oppose workers’ rights.

Pick Justice Action launches campaign against Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher and in support of farmworker rights

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Pick Justice Action,  a 501(c)(4) social welfare non-profit organization with the mission of educating the public about the rights and interests of farm workers and general laborers, and to promote policies that protect these rights.

Opinion: Labor Advocate Lorena Gonzalez Betrays California Farmworkers

Last week, farmworkers’ rights group Pick Justice Action launched a six-figure public awareness campaign to highlight the anti-worker record of Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. The assemblywoman has recently been elevated on the national stage as a champion of workers, but her past tells a different story.

Does Elizabeth Warren Endorse Rep. Gonzalez’s Anti-Worker Record?

“I have a plan for that!” has become Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) new trademark catchphrase to stand out in a crowded field of presidential hopefuls. To her credit, she has fired off numerous plans to cement her status as the field’s resident policy wonk. Whether those plans are prudent is a different story. 

A dark money attack in San Diego

Legislation to expose the identity of donors to dark money political groups stalled earlier this year in the face of opposition from organized labor.

After defeating the UFW, a farmworker rights group turns its attention to state legislators

Pick Justice Action – a Valley-based farmworkers rights group at the forefront of recent labor battles against United Farm Workers – announced Tuesday that it is commencing ad campaigns focused on California legislators that it deems are “anti-farmworker.”

De Leon ‘slush fund’ tied to UFW lobby triad

California’s pay-to-play political establishment showed itself again.

UFW sexism and homophobia drove lesbian organizer out of union

Many union organizers have objected to the United Farm Workers’ old-boy network that they say marginalizes women, indigenous people, and political progressives. They’ve kept their complaints quiet for fear of upsetting the political establishment in Sacramento. Those politicians, led by Senator Kevin de Leon and Governor Jerry Brown, have pretended not to notice the UFW’s backwardness.