Make $142,000 a year part-time with no experience: The Isadore Hall story

Easy Money: Los Angeles Times editors call Isadore Hall‘s ALRB job part of the “shameful” and “loathsome” crony culture of California politics.

Isadore Hall admits he violated federal law, and pays fine for taking illegal money

ALRB member-designate Isadore Hall admitted that he violated federal election campaign law, and paid a fine for accepting illegal money, Bloomberg reports.

Los Angeles Times: Isadore Hall on ALRB is part of ‘shameful’ & ‘loathsome’ crony system

Isadore Hall’s appointment to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board is a symptom of what the Los Angeles Times editorial board calls the state’s “shameful” and “loathsome” crony politics.

Pick Justice shows up in force to oppose Isadore Hall for ALRB

Pick Justice members outnumbered UFW supporters two-to-one at the state Senate hearing to confirm politician Isadore Hall to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

Isadore Hall lied to senators about wanting to hear all sides

The very moment ALRB-designate Isadore Hall promised senators that he wanted to hear all sides in agricultural labor controversies, he was blocking Pick Justice from his own Twitter page.

Time to for FBI to bust ALRB-UFW racket? One lawmaker thinks so

The state of California has become so corrupt, with workers having almost nowhere to turn to escape the ALRB-UFW protection racket, that it’s time to call in the FBI.

State legislature’s official photographer tries to make Pick Justice pull down Isadore Hall photo

The paid official portrait photographer for the California legislature has issued a written warning to Pick Justice, telling us we can’t use his photo of former lawmaker Isadore Hall in our new YouTube video because he owns the copyright.

Crony corruption: The Isadore Hall story

Crony corruption: The Isadore Hall story

Here’s our latest YouTube video. It’s about Isadore Hall, the latest example of California’s crony corruption.

ALRB designee Isadore Hall gave ‘special treatment’ to child molester, Rep. Barragan said

Isadore Hall, the politician appointed to replace William B. Gould on the ALRB, has gotten slammed for “ethics issues” by Congresswoman Nanette Barragán.