Shawver in ethical dilemma as ALRB-UFW lawyer

Silas Shawver, the UFW militant who left the ALRB under a cloud last year, only to be secretly rehired this fall, is in an ethical dilemma as ALRB Deputy General Counsel.

ALRB’s conflicts of interest with UFW deepen with Shawver’s secret return

The ALRB’s re-hiring of UFW militant Silas Shawver, after his mysterious “resignation” last year amid allegations of wrongdoing, shows that the state agency responsible for “helping” farmworkers remains in the hands of the politically favored union.

Cesar Chavez Foundation fired woman who complained of discrimination & harassment, suit alleges

The Cesar Chavez Foundation fired its communications executive after she complained of discrimination, sexual harassment, and a range of other abuses. a new lawsuit alleges.

Kangaroo court: ALRB’s own rules violate the law mandating impartiality

The state Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) is breaking state law, raising questions about the legitimacy of the board’s actions and decisions.

Like a plague of locusts, UFW lays waste to blueberry farm

This was once a thriving blueberry farm that employed hundreds of people.

We voted to de-certify the UFW 3 years ago today. ALRB still has our ballots.

Three years ago today, 2,400 of us Gerawan workers voted on whether to de-certify the United Farm Workers (UFW), which had abandoned us for 20 years.

Houweling’s rotten tomatoes

Houweling’s Tomatoes is in a toxic partnership with a UFW front group to try to show its customers that it’s “helping” farm workers.

New ALRB Visalia director: A UFW man since he was 12

Chris Schneider is ALRB’s new Regional Director in Visalia under the state agency’s Office of General Counsel.

ALRB pushes fake UFW line about the employer it targeted

The California Agricultural Labor Relations Board is pushing a fake UFW line to attack a company and its workers.

UFW raises questions about ALRB and EFI agenda as it recalls collusion with Jane Fonda

By recalling its past collusion with Jane Fonda, the United Farm Workers has raised more questions about the political agendas of its partners – the state Agricultural Labor Relations board (ALRB) and the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI).