OC Register: UFW-ALRB cartel makes farmworkers a Mafia-style offer

The ALRB’s serial abuse of government power damages farmworkers, farmers, and the ordinary consumer, and the ALRB-UFW cartel is forcing a Mafia-style offer that farmworkers can’t refuse if they want to keep their jobs.

UFW and the State can’t silence us. We are the biggest farmworker protest ever.

What if the racists and machine politicians had silenced Martin Luther King and César Chávez?

California’s biggest farmworker protests were AGAINST the UFW-ALRB

California’s biggest farmworker protests in history were not led by César Chávez or the UFW.

UFW says it ‘vehemently’ opposes Pick Justice leader to appear before Supreme Court

The United Farm Workers “vehemently” opposes Pick Justice leader Silvia Lopez to make an opening argument before the California Supreme Court.

Liar: Documents show ALRB’s Isadore Hall knew about Gerawan case before he denied it

Documents show that ALRB member Isadore Hall knew about the Gerawan farm and farmworker controversy well before the eve of his March 1 confirmation, when he claimed to know nothing about the company.

ALRB assistant general counsel Silas Shawver makes veiled threat to sue Pick Justice

One of the ALRB’s top lawyers has threatened to sue Pick Justice.

Shawver renews controversies about himself. Let’s review them.

ALRB assistant general counsel Silas Shawver has renewed controversies about himself.

Full text of Shawver’s unsubstantiated denial that he was ‘fired in disgrace’ for ‘misconduct’

ALRB assistant general counsel Silas Shawver provided no evidence to refute the allegation that he had been fired in 2015. Here is the full text of his August 2, 2017 letter to Pick Justice in which he demanded we remove the offending material.

Secretive Silas Shawver denies he was ‘fired in disgrace from ALRB’

Silas Shawver, the ALRB assistant general counsel who tried to prevent Gerawan workers from voting to de-certify the UFW, denies he had been “fired in disgrace from ALRB.”

New ALRB executive secretary is from UFW activist camp

The ALRB lurched further than ever from its legally mandated neutrality today when it named a pro-UFW activist lawyer as its new executive secretary.