Court slaps $1.2 million judgment on UFW for cheating its employees

The UFW has cheated is own employees of their wages, and must pay them $885,000 in back pay, a Monterey County court has found.

Fresno County officially recognizes ALRB abuse of farmworkers

In a historic gesture of solidarity, the County of Fresno has officially recognizes that the ALRB has been abusing thousands of farmworkers.

Whistleblower at ALRB becomes national news

The ALRB’s Isadore Hall fiasco has turned an obscure subject of the California agricultural industry into a national story about California crony corruption.

ALRB corruption is now a national story; Forbes suggests FBI probe

Cronyism and corruption in the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board is now a national story.

De Leon: Isadore Hall’s witness threats are just ‘goofy conspiracy theories’

Digging in his heels to shield Isadore Hall, California’s top senator dismissed allegations that the ALRB appointee committed a crime when he threatened and intimidated witnesses.

Isadore Hall & ALRB don’t deny witness threat, LA Times reports

ALRB appointee Isadore Hall and the ALRB itself declined to deny to the Los Angeles Times that Hall had intimidated and threatened witnesses.

Pick Justice videos hold Isadore Hall accountable as he cashes in

Our YouTube videos are keeping focus on Isadore Hall and holding him accountable as he heads for Senate confirmation to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

Headlines tell the Isadore Hall story

Some readers of Pick Justice noted that our headlines since January summarize everything people need to know about the ALRB’s incoming member, Isadore Hall.

Chaos swirls around ALRB as Isadore Hall’s wrongdoing spins out of control

The Isadore Hall controversy spun out of control today, driving the secretive Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) swirling into the muck.

ALRB CRIME: Threatening & intimidating witnesses is a crime. Isadore Hall knows it.

ALRB board designee Isadore Hall committed a crime by threatening and intimidating witnesses opposed to his confirmation to the state board, legal experts say.