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Conflicts of interest plague ALRB appointee Isadore Hall

Conflicts of interest plague Isadore Hall, the unemployed politician recently named to the ALRB. Judging by the angry resignation of ALRB Chairman William B. Gould IV, Hall’s appointment offends even him.

Gould agrees with what we have been saying: UFW is lazy and does not represent 99% of us

In his angry parting words to Governor Jerry Brown, ALRB Chairman William B. Gould admitted what Pick Justice has been saying along: the UFW has become a lazy, phony union and it does not represent 99% of farmworkers.

Full text of Gould’s resignation letter to Governor Brown

Here is the full text of ALRB Chairman William Gould’s resignation letter to Governor Jerry Brown on January 13, 2017, as provided by the Los Angeles Times. We have highlighted the pertinent sections in bold

ALRB Chairman Gould quits in ‘angry’ rage

The ALRB’s only respected member has quit in what the Los Angeles Times describes as an “angry letter” to Governor Jerry Brown.

LA Times treats UFW and UFW front as two separate groups

The Los Angeles Times is treating the UFW one of its front organizations as two separate groups.

Workers sue over state-sanctioned ‘wage theft’ (and UFW supports the theft)

UFW-approved California law allows employers to keep part of what they owe workers in back pay. So the workers are suing the state over what they call “wage theft.”

State law, crafted behind closed doors with UFW, might violate Constitution

A law that California politicians rigged behind closed doors with the UFW might violate the state and federal constitutions, a federal court has found.

UFW hides from media about how it messed up a law to repay workers

The United Farm Workers is avoiding news organizations because it pressured lawmakers to insert unconstitutional language in a law.

State lawmakers finally consider pro-farmworker legislation

California lawmakers are considering legislation that will actually help farmworkers.

Shawver in ethical dilemma as ALRB-UFW lawyer

Silas Shawver, the UFW militant who left the ALRB under a cloud last year, only to be secretly rehired this fall, is in an ethical dilemma as ALRB Deputy General Counsel.