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About Pick Justice

PickJustice.com celebrates freedom of choice for farm workers.

We are concerned citizens who support the rights of workers to choose whether or not they want a union to represent them. We stand in defense of workers who are victimized by a politicized government agency.

Freedom of choice is a human right, and people who lack education are deprived of their freedom by those who are educated.

PickJustice.com exists to educate the public about the corrupt relationship between a once-noble union and the dishonest, biased, corrupt, and taxpayer funded  California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB). We work to advance social change to show that once a union has violated the trust of those it purports to represent, that union no longer speaks for the workers.

As César Chávez himself said, “Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.

A generation ago, many farm workers were afraid of their employers. That isn’t the case anymore.

Thanks to organizations against social injustice and a greater consciousness from producers and consumers alike, the plight of thousands of farm workers in America has succeeded.

In César’s words more than three decades ago: “The very fact of our existence forces an entire industry – unionized and non-unionized – to spend millions of dollars year after year on improved wages, on improved working conditions, on benefits for workers.”

Unfortunately, some people want to repeal farm workers’ gains. Some leaders of the political machine in Sacramento – especially bureaucrats  at  the ALRB –  deny farm workers their hard-won rights, by devising loop-holes that benefit the union, obscure an understanding, and even conceal farmworkers votes in the goal that they’re forgotten.

Nowhere are these regressive efforts more evident than at Gerawan Farming, where the ALRB fought for five years and spent over $15 million taxpayer dollars to destroy thousands of Latino immigrant farm worker ballots rather than count them. In the end, the courts intervened and forced the ALRB to count the farm workers’ votes, which led to what the workers wanted all along; to de-certify a union that had abandoned them for 20 years and then suddenly returned to demand 3% of their wages or have them fired.

In supporting the nation’s first law to protect the collective bargaining rights of farm workers, César recognized that some workers wouldn’t need a union in the first place, while others would find that the union no longer represented their interests. César supported the workers’ right to choose whether or not to be unionized.

The United Farm Workers was more than a union, César said. To him, he built a social movement. As he put it in his great Commonwealth Club speech, “Unions, like other institutions, can come and go.”

This site is devoted to helping realize César Chávez’ dream that farm workers would never reverse their gains – that they would be able to build better lives for themselves and their children. Key to that dream was the right to choose whether they even needed a union anymore.