Activist admits Latinos have no national spokesperson

A Latino Lives Matter activist admits that nobody acts as a voice for Latinos at the national level.

This doesn’t surprise us, of course, because there is no credible spokesman in the state of California. The United Farm Workers (UFW) claims to represent working Latinos, but it doesn’t. UFW’s total membership equals only 1% of California farmworkers, so for the union to claim to represent farmworkers is to stretch the truth.

Writing in the Los Angeles Daily News, activist Randy Jurado Ertll complains about racial profiling and the “epidemic” of Latinos getting shot by police.

“Ever since United Farm Workers-UFW leader Cesar Chavez passed away, the Latino community in the Southwest United States has not had a national leader to speak for us, especially on issues related to fatal police shootings. There is no organized national or international movement for justice,” Jurado says.

We agree. But concerning farmworkers, who don’t face such an epidemic, we object to the UFW making unjust claims about whom it represents. The UFW is a shell of its former self. It does not represent 99 percent of California farmworkers.