Alegria de la Cruz: Another UFW loyalist on ALRB

More proof that yet another leader of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) is a UFW loyalist.

Alegria de la Cruz, in this undated picture, is an ALRB attorney. She supervised the votes of more than 2,400 Gerawan farmworkers to de-certify the UFW in 2013. De la Cruz is shown in this picture, standing at the center in the back, wearing a UFW hat. This must have been a special occasion for de la Cruz, as the person who took the picture was Victor Aleman, the official photographer for both the UFW and Cesar Chavez. Aleman was also Program and Development Director for the UFW’s KUFW radio station, and Director of the Publication Department of the UFW.

Unethical pro-UFW bias scars agricultural labor board

State law requires de la Cruz, as an ALRB employee, to be impartial between workers and employers.

While de la Cruz was managing the de-certification vote at Gerawan, the UFW coached Gerawan workers to lieto undermine the workers’ freedom of choice.

Some de la Cruz’s colleagues, like Silas Shawver (pictured below in UFW shirt), got sacked from the agency last year after Governor Brown removed their boss, ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen for unethical pro-UFW bias.

Others, like Jessica Arciniega, remain on staff. A former ALRB administrative law judge called Arciniega a “union agent.”

Now we have a photo of de la Cruz also as a UFW operative.

A state superior court judge accused ALRB of being “in cahoots” with the UFW. The ALRB’s own present administrative law judge said that Torres-Guillen and the lawyers on her team colluded with the UFW in a “litigation strategy” against farmers and farmworkers.

Whistleblower investigations underway – Is de la Cruz next?

Torres-Guillen had been expecting Brown to appoint her as a state judge in Los Angeles.

The resulting scandal, however, forced Brown to reassign her quietly to an office without portfolio on the ALRB’s 40th anniversary. The bias became so apparent, that the Fresno Bee ran a front-page story about it last summer. The ACLU picked up Torres-Guillen earlier this year.

At least two whistleblower investigations are said to be underway at ALRB, concerning unethical pro-UFW bias on the Torres-Guillen/Shawver/de la Cruz team.

De la Cruz may be the next to go.