ALRB cancels board meeting after witness comes forward against Isadore Hall

Minutes after a witness went public against Isadore Hall, the ALRB canceled its May 11 board meeting, claiming that an unnamed board member was “ill.”

The witness – who is anonymous out of fear that the ALRB will retaliate against him or his employer – told of his encounter with Hall on February 28, the night before Hall’s Senate confirmation hearing to be an ALRB board member.

State Senator Andy Vidak was the first to make public comment on the sworn witness statement. “A witness to Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) Member Isadore Hall’s obscenity laced, threatening tirade against farmers opposed to his confirmation has come forward and filed a sworn deposition on the matter,” Vidak said.

“Perhaps a coincidence, the ARLB cancelled its board meeting for Thursday (May 11). An ARLB spokesman says it is because a lack of quorum as one of the members (without specifying who) is ill,” David Taub reported in GV Wire.

What the deposition said

In the deposition, as posted on Senator Vidak’s website, the witness states:

“On the night of 2/28/17, I was staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sacramento, because I attended the Fresh Fruit Association’s Government Relations meeting. I attended the meetings in the daytime, and the reception in the evening. I first talked with Isadore Hall, at the reception party that evening, and he had told me he would like to further speak with me, about my views on worker issues in agriculture. I gave him my business card, and figured we would speak again, in the future.

“Later that evening as I left my room in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, I came across a group of members from the Fresh Fruit Association, and as I came upon them realized they were speaking with Mr. Hall. I heard Mr. Hall cussing quite a bit, being very loud, and decided I would not stay, nor get involved in the discussion going on.

“So I ordered a drink, and as I was going towards the back exit to smoke a cigarette, when Mr. Hall walked out in front of me. We sat across from each other, and I mentioned ‘well that sounded like a fun conversation.’ His (Hall’s) response was ‘yeah, those mother——s don’t know me.’

“He (Hall) then asked me who was Gerawan. I told him it was a farming company in the Central Valley, whose employees, have been trying to get their ballots counted to decertify the UFW.

“Mr. Hall then went on to tell me ‘Well those mother——s made a video about me, and I am going to get their ass.”

Vidak warned fellow senators repeatedly about Hall

“Since mid-March, Vidak repeatedly warned the President pro-Tempore of the Senate (Kevin De Leon), the members of the Senate Rules Committee, and all other members of the Senate, about Hall’s behavior and asked that the confirmation vote on Hall as a member of the ALRB be postponed until Senate Rules Committee staff could investigate the matter,” Vidak said.

“De Leon responded by telling Vidak that the issue had been ‘worked out’ with a leader of the CFFA (California Fresh Fruit Association) and ‘there would be no investigation’ into the threats by Hall,” said Vidak.

The Senate Rules Committee voted to confirm Hall on March 1, and the full Senate voted 25-13, along partisan lines, to confirm Hall on April 20.