ALRB Chairman Gould says indigenous workers are too ignorant to read their own languages

Indigenous farmworkers are too ignorant or stupid to read their own languages, ALRB Chairman William Gould said in an interview, which is why the ALRB must send “lawyers” to read to them and show them videos.

“Only academics read” native languages, Gould stated, rejecting the suggestion that employers display posters for the workers to read. “I don’t think that many of the farmers are academics.”

Gould: ‘These indigenous languages are something that only academics read.’

California Ag Today asked Gould about the ALRB’s plan to send lawyers into the fields during working hours, to “educate” the workers. The interviewer mentioned alternatives to forcing workers to listen to government lawyers lecture them.

“When asked about other forms of outreach, such as hanging educational posters in different languages that workers understand,” California Ag Today reported, “Gould said, ‘These indigenous languages are something that only academics read. I don’t think that many of the farmers are academics.'

Gould suggests sending lawyers to explain instead

“Chairman Gould explained the ALRB could reach workers who speak these ancient languages by ‘having lawyers on private property describe the content of our statutes and our procedures and perhaps show videos that would explain the rules in their own language.'”

Yup. That’s what he said.

Gould doesn’t know the difference between farmers and farm workers

Gould confused “farmers” – the people who own the land or business – with “farm workers,” even though he heads the agency responsible for defending the rights of farm workers.

So who’s the ignorant one?