ALRB Chairman Gould says UFW activity “has completely disappeared”

The UFW and other unions are doing nothing for agricultural workers, ALRB Chairman William Gould said in a January 28 speech.

Union organizational activity in California agriculture at this moment is completely moribund,” Gould told the Agricultural Personnel Management Association’s 36th Annual Forum in Monterey.

Underlining his point, Gould stated, “union activity has completely disappeared” among farmworkers.

Even more emphatically, he said with an exclamation point, “union organizing has diminished to the point of non-existence!

That’s a blistering indictment of the UFW from California’s agricultural labor chief, who spent a lifetime as a labor lawyer and once chaired the US National Labor Relations Board.

This inactivity, Gould said, is “notwithstanding the passage of more reform in the Davis and Brown administrations which allowed a collective bargaining agreement to be imposed through arbitration under some circumstances when the parties were not able to negotiate a first contract.”

Gould acknowledged that the legality of the Davis and Brown “reforms” is under question. In his prepared remarks, Gould added parenthetically, “Amongst other issues, the constitutionality of this form of dispute resolution is now before the Supreme Court of California.”

Click here for a copy of his speech: Gould APMA Keynote Speech

In words that will likely haunt him, Gould said, “justice delayed is always justice denied.” Interesting words from a man who, in 2016, continues not to count the ballots workers cast to decertify the UFW in 2013.