ALRB corruption is now a national story; Forbes suggests FBI probe

Cronyism and corruption in the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board is now a national story.

Our cause to expose ALRB’s corruption has caused controversy in California for a long time.

Now, from New York, one of the most influential financial publications in the world has taken interest.

Forbes ran a piece today titled “Corruption and Collusion in California Labor Board.”

The column, authored by Matthew Patterson, began bluntly: “If one of the FBI’s priorities is still to ‘combat public corruption at all levels,’ then it may want to look into California’s labor board.”

ALRB an ‘instigator’ and ‘enforcer’ for UFW

Having abandoned its quest for justice for farmworkers, the Forbes piece argues, “the ALRB has become an instigator of injustice for thousands of farm workers in the Central Valley and functions as enforcer for the United Farm Workers (UFW) union,” as well as a source of cushy jobs for Governor Jerry Brown to “award to his cronies and friends.”

“Brown’s disgraceful appointment of [Isadore] Hall deepens a crisis within the ALRB, which has been rocked by allegations from a whistleblower that the Board committed gross misconduct in its investigation of a labor dispute between the UFW and Gerawan Farming, Inc.,” Patterson says – although the real dispute is between the UFW and the workers at Gerawan.

Forbes then described how one of those workers, Silvia Lopez, took it upon herself to correct UFW abuses.

Silvia, of course, is the head of our Pick Justice movement.

The Forbes column then described the revelations of Pauline Alvarez, the 30-year ALRB worker who blew the whistle on a conspiracy within ALRB to disenfranchise us of our votes. Alvarez became a whistleblower who documented the ALRB’s systematic, illegal abuses on behalf of the UFW.

If this isn’t reason for an FBI investigation, ‘then nothing is’

And now on the Board we will have in Isadore Hall a political hack who has openly sided with the union and reportedly threatened to “get” growers who had opposed his nomination in a profanity-laced tirade in a Sacramento hotel.

“What is happening in the Central Valley is nothing less than a government vendetta against a private company and government-sanctioned voter suppression of thousands of minority workers.

Civil rights violations and government corruption. If this isn’t in the FBI’s wheelhouse, then nothing is.