ALRB designee Isadore Hall gave ‘special treatment’ to child molester, Rep. Barragan said

Isadore Hall, the politician appointed to replace William B. Gould on the ALRB, has gotten slammed for “ethics issues” by Congresswoman Nanette Barragán.

Barragán’s campaign website,, blasted Hall for giving “special treatment” to an accused child molester and a “sexual predator.”

Here’s what Barragán said about Hall:

Key point: Hall & sex offenders

"As head of the Compton School Board, Hall led the charge to rehire a high school basketball coach – even though that coach was accused of molesting a child. Ultimately, the coach had to be fired again after trying to pay a student for sex.

Isadore Hall also gave his brother, a convicted sexual predator, special government recognition for his work managing a government building with a daycare center. Watch the CBS Channel 2 investigative report here."