ALRB lawyers go on record about their “impartiality”

The ALRB’s top activist lawyers went on the record about their “impartiality” that the law requires.

Silas Shawver, impartial ALRB assistant general counsel.

General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen and Assistant General Counsel Silas Shawver made some brief comments published in CalWatchdog. They were asked about the ALRB’s legal mandate to be “impartial” between employers and unions when defending farmworkers.

Torres-Guillen was asked if the “union activists who have been hired as ALRB attorneys” might compromise the impartiality of the ALRB as a whole. Torres-Guillen answered, “Oh, I don’t see that at all.”

She didn’t object to her attorneys being termed “union activists.”

Shawver, who heads the ALRB regional office in Visalia and has been the most hands-on in preventing local farmworkers from decertifying the UFW, was asked about photos of him on the Internet that show him wearing a UFW shirt.

“If that thing exists, it was a long time before I ever worked for the ALRB, and I don’t know that I ever had a UFW T-shirt,” said Shawver.

Shawver then avoided answering a yes-or-no question about whether or not ALRB attorneys could be impartial as the law requires. Instead, Shawver asked, “What do you mean by impartiality?”