ALRB secretly re-hires UFW militant Silas Shawver

The ALRB has quietly re-hired controversial UFW activist Silas Shawver as the scandal-plagued agency’s Deputy General Counsel.

That seems to be a promotion from his previous post as Assistant General Counsel. Shawver left under a cloud in 2015.

Not everyone inside California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board is happy about Shawver being back. And some are talking.

Shawver drew fire after Pick Justice revealed his conflicts of interests on the ALRB as a UFW militant while serving as a member of the ALRB’s Office of General Counsel to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from having their ballots counted.

A California superior court found Shawver “in cahoots” with the UFW against the farmworkers.

Now, with the ethically-challenged Genevieve Shiroma renewed to be the longest-serving member of the Board, Shawver is back as Deputy General Counsel. And ALRB isn’t explaining why.

The secretive ALRB made no announcement of Shawver’s recent reappointment, after he quietly “resigned” from the staff last year. Allegations of bias dogged Shawver as he left under a cloud following Governor Jerry Brown’s removal of ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres-Guillen.