ALRB staffer tells Senate why Shiroma shouldn’t be confirmed

In an unusual event, a staff member of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board went public before a state Senate committee to oppose Genevieve Shiroma for yet another term on the ALRB.

Appearing nervous but speaking out bravely at the June 20 hearing, ALRB staff member Leslie Soule faced Shiroma, the Senate Rules Committee, and ALRB Chairman William Gould to accuse Shiroma of fostering an atmosphere of fear among the staff.

Soule told senators of systematic bias toward the UFW among the three-member ALRB board and much of the staff. In her brief remarks during the public comment session, Soule spoke of “discrimination” against, and harassment of, ALRB staffers who opposed the bias toward the UFW.

The move is likely to cost Soule her job.

Soule joined farmworker after farmworker who also stood up to tell why Shiroma should not be confirmed for another ALRB term.

Not a single farmworker or other member of the public stood up in Shiroma’s defense.

PickJustice will provide a transcript soon.