State legislature’s official photographer tries to make Pick Justice pull down Isadore Hall photo

The paid official portrait photographer for the California legislature has issued a written warning to Pick Justice, telling us we can’t use his photo of former lawmaker Isadore Hall in our new YouTube video because he owns the copyright.

Crony corruption: The Isadore Hall story

Crony corruption: The Isadore Hall story

Here’s our latest YouTube video. It’s about Isadore Hall, the latest example of California’s crony corruption.

ALRB designee Isadore Hall gave ‘special treatment’ to child molester, Rep. Barragan said

Isadore Hall, the politician appointed to replace William B. Gould on the ALRB, has gotten slammed for “ethics issues” by Congresswoman Nanette Barragán.

Congresswoman Barragan said Isadore Hall broke federal corruption law

Isadore Hall, who awaits Senate confirmation as the newest member of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB), may have violated a federal campaign corruption law during his failed 2016 congressional campaign.

Bureaucratic blocked ‘bowels’ flush ALRB into self-destruct mode

Never effective at anything except depriving farmworkers of their votes, the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board is spinning out in self-destruct mode.

Does EFI get paid to look the other way from companies it certifies?

Does the Equitable Food Initiative get paid to look the other way, to ignore workplace violations of companies that it certifies?

Alpine’s not-so-fresh asparagus: In cahoots with UFW

Alpine Fresh is a Florida-based agriculture company that’s in league with the UFW, even though its workers are not UFW members.

New York Times looks at ‘collapse’ of California’s organized farmworker movement

California’s organized farm worker movement is in such a state of collapse that the New York Times has started to pay attention.

Newest ALRB member blocks Pick Justice on Twitter

The ALRB’s newest member has such a thin skin that he’s blocked Pick Justice from Twitter.