Dolores Huerta describes how UFW is moving its operations offshore

UFW is focusing its operations offshore, union co-founder Dolores Huerta says.

UFW-backed overtime bill will cost farmworkers 20 hours’ pay a week

Farmworkers are entitled to work up to 60 hours a week under present law. A UFW-backed measure to slash the work day to 40 hours a week will cost workers up to one-third of their income, according to a column in the Sacramento Bee.

De Leon ‘slush fund’ tied to UFW lobby triad

California’s pay-to-play political establishment showed itself again.

How can UFW represent farmworkers, when it has so few members?

How can a group with a tiny membership claim to represent the vast majority who are not members?

UFW silent as robot readies to replace farmworkers

The first fruit-picking prototype robot proves that it is practical to harvest apples by machine.

Senator says ‘corrupt’ ALRB is ‘not helping the people at the bottom of the chain’

For the first time in history, lawmakers denounced the ALRB from the Senate floor as a “corrupt” organization.

Senate confirms disgraced Shiroma for a fourth ALRB term

ALRB-boardmember-for-life Genevieve Shiroma, long accused of bias on the agricultural panel, got a party-line Senate confirmation this week for yet another term.

UFW calls $7.50 a day a ‘dignified wage’

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez is bragging that his union will raise farmworkers’ salaries by a whopping 50 percent in 5 years.

Why is UFW organizing in foreign countries, when it stopped organizing in California?

Dues-paying members of the United Farm Workers ought to ask union president Arturo Rodriguez what he’s doing with the 3 percent of their salary that the UFW takes out of their paychecks.

Shiroma was allowed to ignore state impartiality standards

Genevieve Shiroma, the controversial ALRB member, has been allowed to ignore state impartiality standards since her first term began in 1999.