Farmworkers upset at Senator de Leon for blocking translations

Farmworkers are furious at Senator Kevin de Leon for blocking the translation of their public comments against ALRB board member Genevieve Shiroma.

Transcript: Senator de Leon denied translations of farmworkers’ statements

Senate President Kevin de Leon prevented farmworkers who disagreed with him from having their comments translated from Spanish to English.

Damaged goods: Costco joins UFW “equitable food” front group

In what promises to be a blow to its brand image, Costco has teamed up with a UFW front group to that will funnel money into the dying union and mislead customers into thinking that non-approved produce is “unsafe.”

Shiroma, on defensive, insists she’s ‘absolutely an honorable person’

No longer able to hide from reporters and public scrutiny, ALRB board member Genevieve Shiroma had to face her accusers during her June 20 Senate confirmation hearing for another term.

Summary of Shiroma’s disastrous Senate confirmation hearing

More information on Genevieve Shiroma’s disastrous performance before her California Senate Rules Committee confirmation hearing on June 20. We’ll have the transcripts soon:

New law singles out people to be punished without a trial

Equitable Food Initiative? Why won’t Costco denounce UFW assault on woman?

Why won’t Costco denounce its partner, the UFW, for participating in the ugly assault on a San Jose woman last week?

UFW takes 3% of members’ salaries so its leaders can ride in limos

Here’s a troubling picture: UFW leaders ride around in a stretch limousine while they push for the state to force workers to fork over 3% of their hard-earned income to the union.

UFW man joins mob assault on woman because of her political views

A UFW man joined a mob of other men, laughing as they spat on her, threw garbage and eggs at her, and hurled other abuses at her – all because she supports a presidential candidate that they don’t like.


Sacramento Bee’s fact-checker can’t get his facts right

The political fact-checker for the Sacramento Bee can’t get his facts right when critiquing an ad campaign against Senator Darrell Steinberg, who is running for mayor of the state capital.