Bureaucratic blocked ‘bowels’ flush ALRB into self-destruct mode

Never effective at anything except depriving farmworkers of their votes, the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board is spinning out in self-destruct mode.

The latest problem: Isadore Hall, the failed politician appointed to the ALRB to replace chairman William B. Gould IV, who quit in a huff over the flaccid California bureaucracy’s resistance to his plan to have the government do what the United Farm Workers is supposed to do.

Even though Pick Justice disagreed with Gould, we credit him for at least having a plan to fix the problem.

But his plan, Gould complained in a snit to Governor Jerry Brown, “has languished in the bowels of state bureaucracy for the past 14 months.”

Stacked with UFW loyalists on its staff and board, the ALRB’s blocked bowels haven’t allowed the agenda to move. So Gould quit, even after his term had expired on January 1, exposing the agency’s total dysfunction.