California govt pulls down 2015 audit that found ALRB chronic waste & abuse

The California state government has pulled down electronic copies of a damning 2015 audit of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

Like the Gerawan farmworkers ballots from the 2013 ALRB-supervised vote, the government has hidden the evidence.
Pick Justice discovered the audit and published an article about it last year.

We linked directly to the state website page that contained the audit.

That page,, is dead.

We also discovered that Labor Secretary David Lanier supported the findings of the audit in a letter. Last year we posted a link to that letter, too, on a California government website.

That link, too, is now gone. Take a look:

Fortunately, Pick Justice preserved electronic copies of both.

  • Here is the PDF of the audit: WEBFinalReport-AgriculturalLaborRelationsBoardPerformanceAudit

Summary of audit findings

The audit of the ALRB found:

  • “Inability to justify effectiveness or efficiency of resource utilization.
  • “Ineffective organizational structure.
  • “Misuse of limited-term blanket authority.
  • “Inefficient use of state funds.
  • “Incomplete and inaccurate accounting records.”