California officially puts the dying UFW on life support

The United Farm Workers is dying, and everybody knows it.

Its aging leadership – Chavez family members and their cronies – have run the union for 20, 30, even more than 40 years.


They’ve run the UFW right into the ground. The UFW is under a court order to pay as much as $2 million to its own employees whom it had cheated.

Paid membership has collapsed more than 90 percent.

Today, the UFW represents less than 1 percent of California farmworkers. Even the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board admits that more workers want to quit the union than join. And the ALRB says that the UFW has become too lazy to organize in the fields.

So if the workers don’t want to join, and existing members want to quit, how can the political icon stay alive?

The UFW is in desperate need of artificial life support.

And so the California Supreme Court, in its frequent groupthink way, unanimously decided to force thousands of farmworkers to submit to a UFW contract that will take away more than a week’s pay of each worker.

The workers have no say in the matter. Under the terms of the contract, if the workers refuse to submit, they must lose their jobs.

This is Cronyfornia today. A giant protection racket. Putting the UFW on artificial life support to keep the money flowing in.