Cesar Chavez Day 2017: A black eye for the Chavez legacy

The ALRB and UFW are so openly against farmworkers that they have damaged Cesar Chavez’s legacy.

On the week of Cesar Chavez Day, the state agency and union earned the following headlines:

Pick Justice illustrated the tragedy on its new website, CesarChavezDay.com. We posted an iconic image of the UFW founder, looking as if someone punched him in the eye.

The labor movement Chavez founded is now coming to an end, brought down by the Chavez family members and cronies who milked his legacy and drove the UFW into the ground.

All that’s saving the UFW now is its government enforcer, the ALRB.

In the illustration, “Arturito” refers to Arturo Rodriguez, a Chavez in-law, who heads the UFW.