Full text of Shawver’s unsubstantiated denial that he was ‘fired in disgrace’ for ‘misconduct’

ALRB assistant general counsel Silas Shawver provided no evidence to refute the allegation that he had been fired in 2015. Here is the full text of his August 2, 2017 letter to Pick Justice in which he demanded we remove the offending material.

“Dear Mr. Rojas,

“This is Silas Shawver. We have met on at least one occasion in the past. I understand that you manage the pickjustice.com website and that you are responsible and/or have control over its content.

“I was recently informed that you published the statement that I was ‘fired in disgrace from ALRB in 2015 for misconduct’. That statement is completely false (I freely resigned from my job and have never been subjected to any employee discipline) and it is injurious to my professional reputation.

“Please remove this statement immediately from the pickjustice website, as well as from any other media where you may have published this or any other similar false statement about me. In addition, please make sure that none of your postings on pickjustice or other media suggest that I was fired or forced to resign from my position at the ALRB in 2015. This includes, but is not limited to, your December 3, 2016 posting that claims that I was ‘sacked’ by the agency or other claims that I left ‘in disgrace’ which suggest to the reader that I was either fired or forced to leave.

“Please confirm your receipt of this email and your compliance with this request.

“Thank you.

“Silas Shawver”