Gerawan field laborers earn more than some ALRB employees

Hearing officers and clerical staff of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) earn about the same – or less – as Gerawan Farming workers.

This Gerawan employee earns more than some ALRB staff.

Gerawan pays its field laborers a base pay of $11.00 an hour, annualized to about $22,000 a year. Field laborers can earn as much as $15.00 per hour, annualized to $30,000 a year.


This Gerawan employee earns more than some ALRB staff.

According to Gerawan’s wage data, its average wages for grape harvesters in 2014 were $16.27 an hour, annualized at $32,540 per year. Average wages for grape packers were $19.61 per hour – annualized at nearly $40,000 per year.

Let’s see how that compares with what ALRB pays some of its staff.

According to, ALRB pays the following employees at the following gross annual salary:

  • Nickolas Saldivar III, Associate Governmental Program Analyst: $28,462
  • Irma Luna, ALRB Field Examiner I: $25,467
  • James H. Wolpman, ALRB Hearing Officer 1: $24,814
  • Marilu Garcia, Office Typing Technician: $23,446
  • Octavio Galarza, ALRB Field Examiner III: $23,242
  • Araceli Centeno, ALRB Field Examiner I: $21,436
  • Mary L. Rodriguez, Office Typing Technician: $9,845
  • Vanessa J. Abaunza-Brandt, Administrative Assistant I: $8,716
  • Jose U. Gonzalez, Office Typing Technician: $3,992

The lawyers on ALRB got paid the most in 2013:

  • ALRB General Counsel Sylvia Torres Guillen earned $152,020 in 2013 ( says she was paid $142,078.09 plus $25,859.46 in benefits, for a total of $167,937.55)
  • Eduardo R. Blanco, ALRB Attorney IV: $160,184
  • Genevieve A. Shiroma, ALRB Chairperson: $130,143
  • Cathryn I. Rivera, ALRB board member: $126,136
  • Jose Antonio Barbosa, ALRB Executive Secretary: $119,066
  • Joseph A. Wender, Jr., ALRB Attorney IV: $114,295
  • Herbert O. Mason, ALRB board member: $112,548
  • Mark R. Soble, ALRB Hearing Officer I: $110,425
  • Terrie L. Robinson, ALRB Senior Board Counsel: $94,393
  • Laura F. Heyck, ALRB Senior Board Counsel: $94,393
  • Francisco C. Aceron, Jr., ALRB Assistant General Counsel II: $91,947
  • Lawrence Alderete, ALRB Regional Director II: $81,041
  • Freddie A. Capuyan, ALRB Regional Director: $73,561
  • Pauline O. Alvarez, ALRB Field Examiner III: $72,812
  • Dorothy C. Kojima, Staff Services Manger I: $72,126
  • Delia Martinez, ALRB Field Examiner III: $70,331
  • Eugene E. Cardenas, ALRB Attorney III: $68,074
  • Victoria E. Torrez, ALRB Field Examiner II: $65,468
  • Sharon M. Massie, ALRB Associate Governmental Program Analyst: $62,940
  • Sarah Martinez, ALRB Assistant General Counsel I: $60,785
  • Sylvia Bueno, ALRB Field Examiner II: $60,538
  • Nancy C. Davis, ALRB Senior Accounting Officer: $57,880
  • Hau B. Cam, ALRB Senior Accounting Officer: $56,881
  • Douglas Gallopp, ALRB Hearing Officer I: $55,212
  • Salvador Alatorre, ALRB Field Examiner I: $53,575
  • Stanley Marubayashi, ALRB Legal Counsel: $50,621
  • Veronica Cervantes, ALRB Field Examiner I: $48,641
  • Silas M. Shawver, ALRB Assistant General Counsel II: $46,142 ( lists the salary and benefits for 2013 as $92,969.24);
  • Eunice Suarez, ALRB Field Examiner I: $44,476
  • Laura G. Camero, Senior Legal Typist: $43,591
  • Paula L. Johnson, Executive Secretary I: $43,215
  • Elena B. Atengco, Senior Legal Typist: $36,354
  • Reynaldo Valaverde, ALRB Field Examiner II: $35,504

The figures are from 2013, the latest year for which official salary numbers are available. As noted in the line item on Silas Shawver, the figures may differ from figures in

Mark R. Soble, the ALRB Hearing Officer I who is now hearing the case, was paid $110,425.