Gould agrees with what we have been saying: UFW is lazy and does not represent 99% of us

In his angry parting words to Governor Jerry Brown, ALRB Chairman William B. Gould admitted what Pick Justice has been saying along: the UFW has become a lazy, phony union and it does not represent 99% of farmworkers.

The UFW, Gould said, has “absolutely no interest in organizing the unorganized.”

It was a pretty shocking thing to say for a lifelong union man who has done so much to help ALRB serve as a UFW instrument. But Gould said it clearly and bluntly. The Los Angeles Times describes Gould’s “angry” resignation letter to Brown.

The LA Times posted a copy of Gould’s letter here. Look at what Gould says about the UFW, and agricultural unions in general. Here’s what the LA Times reported – with each point verifying what Pick Justice has been saying all along:

  • Farm workers don’t want to join UFW. “In his resignation letter, he noted that only one petition for unionization had come before the board during his tenure. . .”
  • UFW doesn’t represent 99% of California farmworkers. “. . . and that 99% of field workers are not unionized.”
  • More farmworkers want out of UFW than want in. “In previous comments, Gould has said the board spent more of its time on petitions from workers trying to kick out the UFW than on petitions to join the union.”
  • UFW cozies up to crony politicians, but doesn’t organize in the fields. “The UFW spends most of its time in Sacramento, lobbying for laws and regulations, and has ‘absolutely no interest in organizing the unorganized,’ Gould said in a telephone conversation.”

UFW president upset that Gould called him out for being lazy

United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez took offense that Gould called out the UFW for being lazy (which affirms what Pick Justice has said).

“We appreciate his frustration with the often very slow and unresponsive state bureaucracy,” Rodriguez told the Los Angeles Times. “However, the chairman’s frustration should not have led to him attacking Gov. Brown or the United Farm Workers.”