Governor Brown fires Sylvia Torres-Guillen

In a surprise move on the 40th anniversary of the ALRB, Governor Jerry Brown fired Sylvia Torres-Guillen as ALRB general counsel.

Without fanfare, Brown removed the controversial lawyer from her ALRB post and transferred her to a duty without portfolio in his sprawling personal office.

Torres-Guillen was responsible for spending millions of tax dollars to prevent Gerawan farmworkers from having their ballots counted. The workers are still waiting for ALRB Judge Mark Soble, who works for the Office of General Counsel, to issue an opinion on whether to destroy the workers’ ballots to decertify the United Farm Workers.

Shortly after Brown fired Torres-Guillen, he attended the closed-door ALRB 40th anniversary gala at the Leland Stanford Mansion in Sacramento, where he spoke briefly with Gerawan farmworker Silvia Lopez and agricultural labor leader Dolores Huerta.