Growers learn how Equitable Food Initiative can damage their brand

Growers across the United States and the hemisphere are learning how the Equitable Food Initiative can damage their brand.

Pick Justice is at the Produce Marketing Association’s annual Fresh Summit convention to explain to farmers how the EFI – headed by a top UFW official – can damage their brands.

Our activists are talking to exhibitors to explain that, by having the UFW so involved with EFI certification of farms and food production, the growers are subjecting themselves to UFW’s political approval.

Most of the exhibitors we talked to have expressed surprise.

Companies like Houweling’s Tomatoes have defended their membership in EFI, despite the UFW’s abuse of its own employees and dues-paying members.

Pick Justice published a short video about the Houwelings-UFW-EFI triad last year.

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez laughed it up with Houweling’s CEO Kevin Doran last year, prompting criticism from union activists that long-in-the-tooth Arturo was getting too cozy with Big Ag.

The UFW-Houweling’s meeting also generated criticism of Houweling’s, prompting jokes about its #GreenhouseGrownGoodness hashtag this year.