Headlines tell the Isadore Hall story

Some readers of Pick Justice noted that our headlines since January summarize everything people need to know about the ALRB’s incoming member, Isadore Hall.

Here they are in chronological order:

  • “Unqualified: Hall’s record shows no experience for ALRB position,” January 15.
  • “Conflicts of interest plague ALRB appointee Isadore Hall,” January 15.
  • “Newest ALRB member blocks Pick Justice on Twitter,” January 28.
  • “Congresswoman Barragan said Isadore Hall broke federal corruption law,” February 12.
  • “ALRB designee Isadore Hall gave ‘special treatment’ to child molester, Rep. Barragan said,” February 14.
  • “Crony corruption: The Isadore Hall story,” February 23.
  • “State legislature’s official photographer tries to make Pick Justice pull down Isadore Hall photo,” February 25.
  • “Time for FBI to bust ALRB-UFW racket? One lawmaker thinks so,” February 27.
  • “Pick Justice shows up in force to oppose Isadore Hall for ALRB,” March 2.
  • “Isadore Hall lied to senators about wanting to hear all sides,” March 2.
  • “Los Angeles Times: Isadore Hall on ALRB is part of ‘shameful’ & ‘loathsome’ crony system,” March 4.
  • “Isadore Hall admits he violated federal law, and pays fine for taking illegal money,” March 7.
  • “Make $142,000 a year part-time with no experience: The Isadore Hall story,” March 8.
  • “Isadore Hall unleashes ‘obscenity-laced tirade’ at critics & threatens to abuse his authority to ‘get’ them,” March 13.
  • “ALRB CRIME: Threatening & intimidating witnesses is a crime. Isadore Hall knows it,” March 14.
  • “Chaos swirls around ALRB as Isadore Hall’s wrongdoing spins out of control,” March 15.
  • “Coverup: De Leon dismisses concerns of Isadore Hall’s witness threats as ‘goofy conspiracy theories,'” March 24.
  • “Isadore Hall & ALRB don’t deny witness threat, LA Times reports,” March 24.
  • “ALRB corruption is now a national story; Forbes suggests FBI probe,” March 27.
  • “Whistleblower at ALRB becomes national news,” March 28.
  • “Fresno County officially recognizes ALRB abuse of farmworkers,” March 28.