Houweling’s rotten tomatoes

Houweling’s Tomatoes is in a toxic partnership with a UFW front group to try to show its customers that it’s “helping” farm workers.

Houweling’s seems not to care that the UFW is in collusion with politicians to force contracts on workers who vote NOT to be part of the union that neglected them for a generation.

The UFW front group, called the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI), is a lobbying organization based in Washington, D.C., and partnered with low-cost retail giants like Costco. We did a video about the UFW-Costco partnership last summer. We re-did the video for the new Houwelings-UFW duo.

Houweling’s wants to have it both ways – teaming up with the UFW while claiming that it doesn’t support the UFW, and saying that its workers aren’t even members of the union.

If that’s the case, why is UFW Vice President, Erik Nicholson, also the chairman of EFI? And why is UFW President Arturo Rodriguez so cozy with Houweling CEO Kevin Doran?

The Equitable Food Initiative – which includes certifications to make sure farmworkers are well treated – is a good idea. What ruins it is the UFW’s dominant role. UFW claims to speak for farmworkers – but it represents only 1 percent of farmworkers in California.

What’s going on under the table that we don’t see? We don’t know. Houweling has banned Pick Justice from viewing its comments on Twitter.