Isadore Hall admits he violated federal law, and pays fine for taking illegal money

ALRB member-designate Isadore Hall admitted that he violated federal election campaign law, and paid a fine for accepting illegal money, Bloomberg reports.

Isadore Hall also lied to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the report said.

Hall “has agreed to pay a $1,500 fine to the Federal Election Commission because a state ballot measure committee Hall controlled received illegal ‘soft money’—contributions that didn’t comply with federal contribution limits and restrictions,” according to Bloomberg.

Hall’s settlement with the FEC also required him to return thousands of dollars from a major corporation.

Bloomberg said that Hall’s campaign committee must return $4,100 in illegal money to Anheuser-Busch.

Hall lied to Federal Election Commission

“Hall initially contended to the FEC that he didn’t violate federal campaign finance law because he hadn’t made a final decision to run for Congress at the time the corporate contribution was received by his ballot measure committee” Bloomberg said.

“However, FEC staffers in the agency general counsel’s office concluded Hall was a federal candidate at that time, according to a general counsel’s report.”

“There is ample evidence in Hall’s reported public statements and materials available on his social media platforms that he became a federal candidate in February 2015,” the FEC general counsel report stated, according to Bloomberg.