Isadore Hall evades questions; hides behind ALRB lawyer

During a break in a rare ALRB meeting, Isadore Hall avoided questions and told a reporter to talk to the ALRB lawyer.

David Taub of GV Wire tried to ask Hall some questions on May 22, but Hall wouldn’t take any. “We don’t give interviews, so. You should talk to our legal counsel, okay,” Hall told Taub.

Hall has evaded facing reporters since he threatened witnesses

Hall has evaded the press since his February 28 threats against witnesses scheduled to testify against him the next day before the California state Senate panel considering his confirmation to the ALRB.

Several witnesses told Senator Andy Vidak that Hall threatened and intimidated them for opposing his candidacy to the ALRB. Threatening and intimidating witnesses is a crime in California.

One witness has provided sworn evidence that Hall, in a profane diatribe, threatened to “get” those who made videos critical of him. Pick Justice made those videos.

Hall and the ALRB did not deny that Hall made the threats, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Without explanation, ALRB canceled its scheduled May 11 board meeting, after the witness came forward.