Isadore Hall lied to senators about wanting to hear all sides

The very moment ALRB-designate Isadore Hall promised senators that he wanted to hear all sides in agricultural labor controversies, he was blocking Pick Justice from his own Twitter page.

Here are excerpts of Hall’s testimony to senators at his March 2 confirmation hearing:

  • “I will be a fair and just member of the board.”
  • “My deep desire to be fair and just” on ALRB.
  • Hall said he wanted “lack of bias” on ALRB concerning farmworkers and employers. Then he laughed.
  • “I will be that member that’s objective.”
  • Hall said it was his “goal” at ALRB to “sit down with all stakeholders,” and added that he wants to talk to growers “and see what their concerns are.”

Hall burned Shiroma and Rivera-Hernandez

During his promises to be fair and balanced, Hall burned his new colleagues, ALRB Chairwoman Genevieve Shiroma and board member Cathryn Rivera-Hernandez, who are known for their UFW bias.

“I will be that member that’s objective,” Hall said, implying that the two other board members are not.