Isadore Hall says he thinks we’re all a bunch of ‘motherf***ers’

Next Dimension Bible College graduate Isadore Hall spewed a hateful torrent of filth against farmworkers, calling us a bunch of “motherf***ers.”

A witness has come forward who swore that Hall threatened to “get” us for making videos that criticized him.

“Well those motherf***ers made a video about me, and I am going to get their ass,” Hall told the witness at a February 28 encounter.

Hall was referring to the videos that we made here at Pick Justice. He made the threat on February 28, 2017, the night before his state Senate confirmation hearing to serve as an impartial member of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB).

Senator Andy Vidak made the witness statement public on May 10. The witness fears the ALRB will retaliate against hims his or his employer.

Hall’s violent, vile tirade against witnesses who were about to testify against him are crimes under California law.