Joaquin Arambula sticks it to farmworkers who don’t pay UFW

Joaquin Arambula doesn’t support Central Valley farmworkers.

The Fresno politician, a member of the California state assembly, has ignored farmworkers’ repeated pleas for his support against the corrupt and abusive Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB).

Instead of helping his constituents, Arambula is backing the UFW union and its ALRB government enforcement arm.

Arambula cares only for the less than 1% of California farmworkers who pay money to the UFW. He doesn’t care about the rest of us.

Pick Justice first met with Arambula on November 16, 2016, right after he was elected.

We asked Arambula to help us persuade the ALRB to count the votes we cast in 2013 to de-certify the UFW.

Arambula wouldn’t help us because we didn’t pay his political machine
Arambula would not commit to help us. He pretended to listen to us, but wouldn’t say “yes” or “no” when we asked for his assistance. He wouldn’t even write a letter to the ALRB on our behalf simply to note his interest and concern.

“Arambula don’t care about farm workers if he won’t lift a finger to help us. He’s another fake politician,” said Pick Justice leader Silvia Lopez.

The most substantive thing Arambula said during the November 16 meeting was to correct us about how we should address him by title. He is a doctor and an assemblyman. He said he prefers to be called “assembly member” and “doctor,” and told us to call him “Doctorassemblymember” or “Assemblymemberdoctor.” We couldn’t remember which.

Arambula ignored our subsequent emails, letters, phone calls, and copies of paper and electronic documents we provided his office in order to elicit his help with the ALRB.

A UFW tool who didn’t run as one

Arambula is a UFW loyalist, but he didn’t run as one when seeking election to the state assembly. His campaign page says nothing about him or his family being associated with the UFW.

The fact is, Arambula is from a strong UFW family. His father, Juan Arambula, “joined marching farmworkers” in support of the UFW-contract-by-force law that the Gerawan farmworkers have been fighting. The state Fifth District Court of Appeal found the law, requiring “mandatory mediation and conciliation,” to be unconstitutional.

Arambula’s uncle was a UFW organizer.

Now Joaquin Arambula is following in their footsteps, using the power of the state to prop up the dying UFW, while denying farmworker constituents their rights.