Massive 267-page brief outlines why Shiroma should be disqualified

Genevieve Shiroma should be disqualified from serving on the ALRB because of her long-standing financial and political connections to the UFW, a farmworker says in a massive 267-page brief.

The petition to disqualify Genevieve Shiroma from ALRB is 267 pages long.

Through her attorney, farmworker Silvia Lopez says she “has been denied due process and a fair hearing in this matter due to prosecutorial misconduct, and faces a further violation of her statutory and Constitutional rights due if Member Shiroma is permitted to preside over this matter.”

Lopez says that she and her co-workers at Gerawan Farming “have strived tirelessly to organize themselves to assert their right to vote, but sadly, their greatest obstacle has been the very agency charged with protecting their rights. Under Shiroma’s leadership as Chair, the ALRB has, at every turn, thwarted the workers’ efforts to assert their rights. Now, having been deprived due process due to prosecutorial misconduct,” Lopez’s petition continues, the farmworkers “must rely on Shiroma to impartially review her [Lopez’s]  case and the conduct of an investigation and prosecution that benefits her [Shiroma’s] friends and political allies. The circumstances demonstrate that Shiroma cannot sit in judgment in this matter, and her disqualification is mandatory.”

The huge brief is so full of details that it will take some time to study and highlight. We are attaching the entire document here for others to review on their own. Download here: Disqualify Shiroma legal petition