New brochure describes Isadore Hall’s cronyism

A new brochure is circulating that describes Isadore Hall’s cronyism and explains why he should be removed from the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

“Isadore Hall marched to oppose thousands of immigrant farm workers – The exact same farm workers he will judge daily at ALRB,” the brochure says.

We at Pick Justice produced the flyer. Click here for a PDF: Isadore_Hall_Confirmation-Hearing_Flyer_v8

“Isadore Hall and fake farm workers march to demand that an unconstitutional ‘contract’ be forced on THOUSANDS of REAL farm workers against their will,” says a caption beneath a picture of Hall marching with women, children, and elderly people carrying UFW flags.

UFW pays Hall for his support

“After Hall marched for UFW and against immigrant farm workers, UFW endorsed Hall for his failed congressional bid,” the brochure explains.

Hall marched with the fake farm workers against the real ones on October 22, 2014. At that protest, Hall was protesting “against the industry’s highest-paid real farm workers fighting to stop the UFW from forcing a contract on them against their will.”

“Thousands of real immigrant farm workers [are] fighting for their civil rights against UFW and Isadore Hall, who want them fired if they don’t pay UFW, even though UFW was gone for 20 years,” it continues.

Hall knew

Hall operated against the farmworkers even though he knew his activities were a sham for political purposes. He wanted to force the industry’s highest-paid real farmworkers into a government-mandated UFW contract.

According to the brochure:

  • Hall knew the workers did not want the contract forced on them. In fact, the court of appeals ruled unconstitutional the ‘contract’ Hall wanted forced on the workers against their will.
  • Hall knew the workers would be FIRED if they didn’t pay UFW, even though UFW had disappeared for 20 years and never had a contract there before.
  • Hall knew that the ‘contract’ would strip the workers of the right to continue to protest by the thousands against UFW and ALRB.
  • Hall knew the workers had voted and wanted their votes counted (just like Hall’s votes are counted), but Hall supported UFW’s efforts to destroy those votes instead.
  • Hall knew he was opposing the largest single farm labor movement in California’s history.
  • Hall knew that he was advocating the destruction of thousands of votes.

Since that time, the brochure says, “2,500 of those workers lost their $20 hour jobs when the farmer ripped out his vineyards.”