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State Fair exhibit pushes fake narrative about farmworkers

The California State Fair is promoting a fake narrative about the state’s hard-working farmworkers.

Farmworkers tell lawmakers that ALRB’s Isadore Hall threatened to ‘get them’

With no union to stand up for them, farmworkers trekked back to Sacramento to plead with lawmakers for help against threats from a politicized government agency.

For first time in 164 years, farmworkers get State Fair exhibit, & UFW can’t say what it’s doing now

The UFW blew its historic debut at the California State Fair.

Secretive calendar says ALRB has nothing to do

Despite big budget and staff increases, the secretive ALRB has nothing to do.

New farmworkers reject UFW and start their own union

New farmworkers in the Western United States increasingly prefer to start their own union – or have no union at all – instead of joining the UFW.

Court says government can ban workers from meetings to force contracts on them

The State of California has the right to prevent farmworkers from observing government meetings where decisions are made to force contracts on them, a court has ruled.

UFW made fake allegations to support a fake protest, but won’t talk to reporters

Strawberry workers say the United Farm Workers made fake allegations of unfair labor practices and staged a fake strike by people posing as local farm workers, but the UFW won’t talk to reporters.

Federal court agrees to hear case to stop ALRB from letting UFW force itself on farmworkers

In an important legal development, a federal court has agreed to hear arguments that the state should not abuse its power to enable the UFW to force itself on farmworkers at their workplace.

New brochure describes Isadore Hall’s cronyism

A new brochure is circulating that describes Isadore Hall’s cronyism and explains why he should be removed from the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

UFW wants to protect some workers from deportation, but not if they oppose the union

The UFW takes two positions on foreign workers in the US under H2-A agricultural labor visas.

  • Don’t let them get fired, because under the H2-A seasonal worker visa system, they will be deported.
  • Fire any H2-A workers who oppose the UFW (and let them get deported).