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Senator Harris hires UFW hack to run Fresno office

A longtime UFW hack is running Senator Kamala Harris’ office in Fresno.

Abused mushroom workers demand new UFW leadership

Mushroom workers, feeling abused by their employer and the UFW, demand new leadership at the flailing union.

‘This is a disgrace for the union,’ mushroom worker says about UFW

The UFW is trying to persuade its members at Monterey Mushrooms that they should accept a huge pay cut down to minimum wage of $10.50 an hour.

300 mushroom workers protest UFW; union in cahoots to slash wages

Hundreds of mushroom workers are rising up against the UFW, accusing the union of being in cahoots with the employer to slash workers’ wages.

Isadore Hall evades questions; hides behind ALRB lawyer

During a break in a rare ALRB meeting, Isadore Hall avoided questions and told a reporter to talk to the ALRB lawyer.

Brown axes Future Farmers & spends $10 million to attack farmworkers who don’t support him

Governor Jerry Brown used to stand up for the little guy. Now he’s de-funding important an entrepreneurial program to help kids become farmers, while spending $10 million on an agency that has put 2,500 Central Valley farmworkers out of work.

ALRB cancels board meeting after witness comes forward against Isadore Hall

Minutes after a witness went public against Isadore Hall, the ALRB canceled its May 11 board meeting, claiming that an unnamed board member was “ill.”

Isadore Hall says he thinks we’re all a bunch of ‘motherf***ers’

Next Dimension Bible College graduate Isadore Hall spewed a hateful torrent of filth against farmworkers, calling us a bunch of “motherf***ers.”

Court slaps another $770,000 judgment on UFW

A real California judge slapped the UFW with another $770,000 judgment, raising the total levied against the floundering union to $2 million.

Is Equitable Food Initiative certifying tainted producers?

Has the UFW’s Equitable Food Initiative been certifying companies responsible for tainted produce that spread disease and is linked to at least one salmonella death in California?