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Thousands of Gerawan Workers Protest

Amid ugly acrimony, state Senate approves Isadore Hall for ALRB post

Amid heated allegations of state cronyism and racism, the California state Senate voted along party lines to confirm Isadore Hall to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB).

Senate chief Kevin de Leon: ‘Nothing unseemly’ is going on here

Allegations of “cronyism” have gotten under Senate leader Kevin de Leon’s skin.

Journalists must understand difference between ALRB’s ‘judge’ and a real judge

News reports about an ALRB administrative ruling show a misunderstanding about a big issue: The difference between ALRB’s enforcement for the UFW, and a real decision by a real judge in a real court of law.

Joaquin Arambula sticks it to farmworkers who don’t pay UFW

Joaquin Arambula doesn’t support Central Valley farmworkers.

California govt pulls down 2015 audit that found ALRB chronic waste & abuse

The California state government has pulled down electronic copies of a damning 2015 audit of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

Fresno Bee column says ALRB and UFW are “partners in crime”

A Fresno Bee column says out loud what a lot of people in the Central Valley have been saying quietly to themselves but seldom out loud: The ALRB and UFW are “partners in crime.”

Cesar Chavez Day 2017: A black eye for the Chavez legacy

The ALRB and UFW are so openly against farmworkers that they have damaged Cesar Chavez’s legacy.

Court slaps $1.2 million judgment on UFW for cheating its employees

The UFW has cheated is own employees of their wages, and must pay them $885,000 in back pay, a Monterey County court has found.

Fresno County officially recognizes ALRB abuse of farmworkers

In a historic gesture of solidarity, the County of Fresno has officially recognizes that the ALRB has been abusing thousands of farmworkers.