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WikiLeaks exposes secret Clinton pledge against farmworker voters in exchange for UFW support

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton secretly promised to help the UFW suppress the votes of thousands of Central Valley farmworkers.

UFW backs ‘overwhelming establishment favorite’ for US Senate

The United Farm Workers (UFW) has backed what the Los Angeles Times calls the “overwhelming establishment favorite” for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Barbara Boxer. The UFW is supporting candidate Kamala Harris against Loretta Sanchez.

Washington establishment pours cash into campaign of Dolores Huerta’s son

The political establishment in Washington, D.C. is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the “all but dead” congressional campaign of Dolores Huerta’s son.

Activist admits Latinos have no national spokesperson

A Latino Lives Matter activist admits that nobody acts as a voice for Latinos at the national level.

Meet FUJ, the nation’s newest farmworkers’ union

They got no support from the United Farm Workers (UFW), because the UFW is in cahoots with a big retailer.

UFW exempts itself from new overtime law

UFW used its influence with politicians to exempt itself from California’s new overtime law.

Alegria de la Cruz: Another UFW loyalist on ALRB

More proof that yet another leader of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) is a UFW loyalist.

UFW sexism and homophobia drove lesbian organizer out of union

Many union organizers have objected to the United Farm Workers’ old-boy network that they say marginalizes women, indigenous people, and political progressives. They’ve kept their complaints quiet for fear of upsetting the political establishment in Sacramento. Those politicians, led by Senator Kevin de Leon and Governor Jerry Brown, have pretended not to notice the UFW’s backwardness.

UFW is the new One Percent

The UFW has organized only 1 percent of farmworkers in California and is deficient in many ways. Yet it’s moving its operations offshore to Mexico and Central America to organize cheap labor for big business like Costco. Farmworkers are being sold out.

By its own figures, UFW represents only 1% of farmworkers

It’s official. By the UFW’s own figures, it is part of the 1%. We are the 99%.