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Farmworkers are better off without ALRB-UFW protection racket

Gerawan farmworkers voted to give their trust to Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers (UFW).

In 1990, they voted to certify the UFW as their collective bargaining representative. Then the UFW disappeared.

It’s surprising how much more non-unionized farmworkers earn than others

Non-unionized farmworkers, whom the ALRB is trying to force to join the UFW, earn more than workers producing products or performing services for some of America’s most favorite, trendy companies.

They earn a lot more than farmworkers represented by the UFW.

Gerawan field laborers earn more than some ALRB employees

Hearing officers and clerical staff of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) earn about the same – or less – as Gerawan Farming workers.

This Gerawan employee earns more than some ALRB staff.

California’s hidden civil rights struggle revealed

. . . to fund UFW bosses’ jobs-for-life

The ALRB is shaking down farm workers to force them to pay the permanent jobs of UFW bosses.