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UFW wants to protect some workers from deportation, but not if they oppose the union

Unqualified: Hall’s record shows no experience for ALRB position

Unqualified: Hall’s record shows no experience for ALRB position

ALRB staffer tells Senate why Shiroma shouldn’t be confirmed

In an unusual event, a staff member of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board went public before a state Senate committee to oppose Genevieve Shiroma for yet another term on the ALRB.

UFW pulls down fake petition after we expose it on Twitter as phony

Gerawan workers staged largest farmworker protests in state history. See the videos.

For Immediate Release: Farmworkers Demand to See Ballot Box

FRESNO, Calif.Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Thousands of farmworkers have asked the California Supreme Court to protect their rights. Even though the Court of Appeals ordered that the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board count the workers’ votes, the agency still wants to destroy the ballots and instead force a non-negotiated “contract” on the workers; a contract the workers don’t want and won’t even be allowed to vote on.

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Press Release: Fresno Court to Decide Whether to Count or Destroy Farm Worker Votes

To download official press release click here:

5DCA Fresno 4:23:18 Press Release

Feds slap a huge fine on UFW radio broadcaster

The Federal Communications Commission has levied a record fine” against the UFW’s hundred million-dollar social service affiliate that broadcasts farmworker radio stations in California and Arizona, the Los Angeles Times reports.