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EFI taints ag companies at Fresh Summit 2017

Association with the UFW-Equitable Food Initiative partnership is a big drag on retail produce companies, exhibitors are learning at the industry’s Fresh Summit convention.

UFW profits before UFW people: Radio Campesino busted again for illegal ads

Everything Arturo Rodriguez touches – from the UFW that he leads, to the Cesar Chavez Foundation & Radio Campesina – look tainted with sleaze.

Once again, the UFW conglomerate has broken the law. This time, it’s a repeat offender.


Lawmaker calls on Supreme Court to overturn illegal law

A lawmaker from California's #WeFeedYou belt has called on the state Supreme Court to overturn an illegal law that allows unelected bureaucrats to force a #UFW contract on farmworkers.

Deputy Attorney General Benjamin Glickman tries to intimidate Pick Justice protesters

In what farmworkers fear is a case of stepped-up government harassment and intimidation, a California Deputy Attorney General was caught photographing protesters outside a state courthouse.

Four years and not counting: ALRB still denies us voting rights

This week marks four years since the State of California denied thousands of farmworkers the voting rights that they are guaranteed under the law.

ALRB bans Pick Justice leaflet about court judgment against UFW

In an over-the-top breach of freedom of speech, the state Agricultural Labor Relations Board banned Pick Justice from distributing leaflets to farm workers at ALRB’s Visalia office

Growers learn how Equitable Food Initiative can damage their brand

Growers across the United States and the hemisphere are learning how the Equitable Food Initiative can damage their brand.

UFW back-stabs its most loyal lawmaker, Kevin de Leon

Nobody in the California state legislature has been more loyal to the UFW than Senator Kevin de Leon.

UFW cheated workers – so each UFW member must pay $233

Every dues-paying member of the UFW is paying $233 of their dues money to reimburse UFW workers who the union leadership cheated.

Without admitting it cheated its own workers, UFW settles $1.3 million case

The UFW has agreed to pay $1.3 million to settle a case filed by its own workers. The union is not admitting that it cheated it workers, as the employees alleged.