OC Register: UFW-ALRB cartel makes farmworkers a Mafia-style offer

The ALRB’s serial abuse of government power damages farmworkers, farmers, and the ordinary consumer, and the ALRB-UFW cartel is forcing a Mafia-style offer that farmworkers can’t refuse if they want to keep their jobs.

A scholar at the Independent Institute in Oakland notes in the Orange County Register that the unelected ALRB has committed voter fraud and other abuse of farmworkers in its quest to force an irrevocable UFW contract on Gerawan farmworkers.

Voter fraud on Latino farmworkers

“While California Secretary of State Alex Padilla claims there’s no voter fraud in the state, while refusing to release the data to federal investigators, the state’s unelected Agricultural Labor Relations Board has repressed the votes of California farmworkers who chose to decertify the United Farm Workers union,” K. Lloyd Billingsley writes in the Orange County Register.

“That abuse of government power is bad for farmers, workers and consumers alike,” he says.

Government scam to bail out dying UFW

Readers of PickJustice.com know the story, which Billingsley relates. The UFW has let its membership collapse by 90 percent, to “only 5,000 members.”

Gerawan reportedly employs about 5,000 workers, meaning that if the UFW and ALRB can force those workers into a UFW contract, the UFW’s membership – and inflow of cash from taking a 3% cut from each worker’s pay – would double.

“Ninety-nine percent of Gerawan’s 2013 employees did not work for the company in 1990, when the union election took place; that is, these employees never voted for the UFW,” says Billingsley. “Nevertheless, the UFW demanded that Gerawan workers pay it 3 percent of their wages. Those who refused would be fired.”

So the UFW relied on the unelected ALRB as its enforcer, to coerce the workers into a contract and take their money. “Employers and employees alike have no ability to opt out – a Don Corleone-style offer they can’t refuse,” Billingsley writes.

Unimaginable corruption under Jerry Brown

“They robbed us of our rights and trampled us,” one worker said about the ALRB-UFW cartel. Another worker said he “never imagined there would be so much corruption” in America.