Photo gallery shows the spirited turnout at April 20 courthouse rally

The energetic turnout at the April 20 courthouse rally in Fresno was a real family gathering.

Present and future farmworkers gathered to support transparency and ethical behavior in the troubled Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB).


They protested the ALRB’s secrecy, cronyism with the UFW, and corruption of the democratic process under California law.

Some of the members of the three-judge appeals panel took note of our rally.

Inside the courthouse, California deputy attorney general Nelson Richards, arguing for the ALRB and Gov. Jerry Brown, said farmworkers “never” have the “right” to witness the mandatory mediation & conciliation (MMC) process that determines their futures.

That was what we were protesting. Richards looked troubled at the sight of us, which shows his prejudice.

In the pictures here, we can be seen rallying outside, sitting inside the courthouse, speaking to the press, talking to their talented attorneys and more.