Pick Justice shows up in force to oppose Isadore Hall for ALRB

Pick Justice members outnumbered UFW supporters two-to-one at the state Senate hearing to confirm politician Isadore Hall to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

Our leader Silvia Lopez, a farmworker at Gerawan Farming, eloquently told senators why Hall is unfit to be an impartial member of the ALRB, which is required to be an unbiased advocate of farmworkers.

The hearing took place on March 1.

When Gerawan farmworkers were pleading with officials to pressure the ALRB to count their votes to decertify the union in 2013, Lopez told senators, Hall “didn’t help us, he didn’t listen to us, he was just supporting the UFW.”

Other Pick Justice workers displayed photographs of Hall leading a UFW protest directed against Gerawan workers who wanted their votes counted. Several of us implored senators to make the ALRB count their votes.

“We’re more than 3,000 farmworkers. We lost 2,000 jobs, and he [Isadore Hall] didn’t do nothing to help us at that time,” Lopez said.

Democratic senator acknowledges Pick Justice’s concerns

Senator Toni Atkins, a Democrat from San Diego, acknowledged the Pick Justice workers and agreed that our concerns have merit. “These are very serious concerns and issues and they affect people’s lives,” Atkins said at the hearing.

Isadore Hall is regarded as a UFW tool. Another Pick Justice worker told senators that the State of California “might as well put Arturo [Rodriguez] or Armando Elenes” – two leaders of the UFW – on the board, because Hall is no different from them.

Pick Justice spokesman Jesse Rojas, standing next to Hall, told senators that Hall is “too biased” against non-UFW workers to be an objective member of the board.

Pick Justice spokesman endorses ALRB general counsel-designate Julia Montgomery

Rojas expressed support for Julia Montgomery, designated as the new ALRB general counsel, to receive Senate confirmation for the job.