Pick Justice videos hold Isadore Hall accountable as he cashes in

Our YouTube videos are keeping focus on Isadore Hall and holding him accountable as he heads for Senate confirmation to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board.

Word is that the attention-loving Hall isn’t happy with this particular type of attention. Sacramento elites are still talking about our videos, or so we hear.

We made the first video two weeks ago, “Isadore Hall Shows You How to Make $142K a Year With No Experience,” shows how California’s crony corruption provides safety nets to insider politicians. Isadore Hall is unqualified to serve on the ALRB, but his loyalty to the UFW, a key part of Governor Brown’s political machine, landed him the $142,000 part-time job to supervise farmworkers.

That video spread so fast on the Internet – more than 311,000 views in two weeks – that we made a short follow-on feature.

2000 Farmworkers Lose Their Jobs and Isadore Hall Cashes In For $142K” isn’t a catchy title, but it does catch the problem.

Isadore Hall celebrates his $142,000 ALRB job to support the UFW after he marched with the UFW against the farmworkers who wanted ALRB to count their votes to de-certify the UFW. Neither Hall nor the UFW complained when 2,000 of those workers lost their jobs. But that doesn’t matter, because Hall cashed in.

Our third new video is a Spanish-language version of the second. You can watch it here.

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